Filming in Zurich, curse or blessing?

More and more filming takes place in the city of Zurich, be it for feature and documentary films, short films or commercials. But are the city of Zurich and its administrative departments ready for these productions, and can they provide even more streets, squares and green spaces for filming?
On 3 October 2018, the Zurich City Council expressed its support for the continuation of the "Film Commission Zurich" and thus "for the promotion of the entire film industry, which is both desirable and useful from a cultural policy perspective and from the point of view of economic development. In addition, he affirms his endeavor to strengthen the film location of Zurich with efficient approval processes and a pronounced customer focus on the part of the city administration and to handle the increased rotation volume efficiently. »[Nbsp]



Olga Zachariadis (CEO Film Commission Zurich)

Anna Schindler (Director of Urban Development Zurich)

Andreas Venzin (City district Chief 4)

Regula Begert (Location Manager)